Wildlife on the River


Wildlife is abundant along the Wekiva, which has earned it the title "American Wild and Scenic River." Turtles, manatee, otters, and the bald eagle all call the river home.


Wild also describes this habitat of the once endangered Florida alligator. This long-time resident is most often seen lazily sunning itself along the shore; during cold weather, the "gator" seeks the warmer depths of the spring. The loud grunt of the male gator lets you know he is near, but does not pose a danger for careful kayakers.

Snowy Egret

Water Birds

Water birds too numerous to name perch along its shores and feed in the tall grass and among blooming water lilies and hyacinths. Bring your Peterson's guide in the winter!


Fish-- from Bass to Sunfish--are also abundant in the Wekiva, thanks to the clean water measures enforced by the Wekiva Protection Act and the hard work of the Friends of the Wekiva organization.

Watering Ground

Land fauna, such as deer and bear, come to the river for refreshment. The deer come almost close enough to touch, but the bears are far more timid!