Guided Tours

River Tours

Experience the natural Wekiva River with its springs, islands, abundant wildlife. Guided tour options include family oriented, ecological, bird watching, nature and wildlife, and can be tailored to your level of expertise, from beginner to advanced paddler.

About Your Guide

Martha Carswell has a lifetime of recreational experience and instruction to draw from as well as having been a serious competitor in iron man competitions and triathlon events. After a serious accident left Martha Carswell unable to compete in those sports, she took up kayaking as a form of rehabilitation, and has become the number one woman kayak racer in the state. She has recently returned to sprint triathlons, thanks in part to the years of kayaking.

"I love what I do" says Martha, "I still train everyday, but kayaking has become a great way for me to workout without hurting my body. I just want to share it with everybody" (Source: The Lake Sentinel).

Advance Reservations

Anytime is the right time to paddle down this wilderness river. To set up a time that works best for you, call 407.321.7188 or email us.