About Wekiva Adventures

Martha Carswell

Wekiva Adventures owner Martha Carswell has a lifetime of recreational experience and instruction to draw from as well as having been a serious competitor in iron man competitions and triathlon events. After a serious accident left Martha unable to compete in those sports, she took up kayaking as a form of rehabilitation, and has become the number one woman kayak racer in the state. She has recently returned to sprint triathlons, thanks in part to the years of kayaking.

"I love what I do" says Martha, "I still train everyday, but kayaking has become a great way for me to workout without hurting my body. I just want to share it with everybody" (Source: The Lake Sentinel, July 4, 1999).

In Martha's Own Words

I've been an athlete and an outdoor adventurer my entire life. Growing up in South Georgia near the Okeefeenokee Swamp and the Suwannee River, I learned to appreciate the pristine beauty of an area filled with abundant wild life and clean, clear waters. I was truly blessed to have grown up hiking, paddling and riding my horse in this natural world.

I moved to Florida in 1980 to teach and coach and was fortunate to find a home on the Wekiva River, which is very like the area in southern Georgia where I grew up. In my kayak and on foot I've explored this beautiful basin for endless hours and always find new secrets and treasures of the wild. I'm excited to share this secret of the natural wilderness with others so they can appreciate what we have managed to save in the middle of Central Florida's urban sprawl.

Did Disney Build This?

I once took a middle school student out to the river and she asked me, “Did Disney build this?" This type of reaction is very common to people who have never encountered first hand the unique beauty and wildlife that fill the Wekiva River Basin.

The Need for Education

I believe that young people and adults need to be educated about the wonderful natural resource that we have in the Wekiva River Basin, both as a water source and as an environmental haven for wildlife and recreation. We must learn how to protect this valuable environmental resource for future generations.

A primary purpose of Wekiva Adventures is to educate and inform those who take our kayak trips about the value of this scenic and vital resource, the Wekiva River. Small environmental groups, school groups, and interested citizens can enjoy a fun and recreational paddling trip while learning about the Wekiva and its value to our area, both now and in the future.

Martha M. Carswell

Volunteer River Ambassador for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

M.ED. Health Physical Education
B.S. Biology-specialize-environmental biology
Member-Friends of the Wekiva
Member-Sierra Club
Volunteer-Seminole Soil and Water Conservation District